METTLER TOLEDO's DataBridge software line has expanded with the introduction of DataBridge MS. This new software package meets the transaction-management needs of large and growing organizations, without the lengthy development time and high cost associated with custom-built programs. DataBridge MS is highly configurable, with optional modules designed to provide maximum flexibility in a ready-to-deploy system.

DataBridge MS controls multiple vehicle scales, with support for multi-directional weighing, traffic controls, status alerts and unattended scales. Definable user roles, custom transaction criteria, and add-on modules allow the program to grow and adapt as organizational needs expand and change. Regular updates and training resources ensure that the product and its customers stay current.

"One of the main benefits of DataBridge software is that it is extremely easy to use," explained Santosh Nachu, METTLER TOLEDO DataBridge product manager. "We created a clean, highly graphical interface that is designed to be intuitive—from the scale operator accessing customer records, to the operations manager who needs to analyze quarterly business performance. We realize that powerful features only add value if the customer can easily use them."

The DataBridge development team also looked at how weight transaction data is used throughout an entire organization. Scale operators, operations managers, finance controllers, IT departments and company executives can all benefit. "These systems aren't isolated within an organization," says Nachu. "We approached the product from the viewpoints of users throughout an organization. Sharing real-time data within a business is critical to boosting productivity and maximizing profitability."

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