Mettler Toledo Weighing SoftwareFormulation variations can cause inconsistent product quality that can lead to bad batches and wasted materials. When manufacturers have greater control over their formulation processes, it saves money and enhances quality. A new software application for the IND890 weighing terminal from METTLER TOLEDO offers advanced formulation control for flexible use in industrial applications. The IND890 terminal offers ergonomic weighing with increased efficiency and flexibility, as well as features for easy operation. IND890form software for that terminal allows users to easily monitor and control vertical and horizontal batch campaigns.  

Flexibility is important when it comes to batching systems because for some formulations, it makes sense to add each ingredient in one mixing vessel (a vertical campaign), while for others, a horizontal campaign, in which each component is added to multiple vessels before moving to the next component, is best. IND890form easily switches over from one type to the other, with no room for user error.

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