Mettler Toledo weighing softwareWhen complex weighing processes must be done manually, they can be prone to user errors and slow down operations. In addition, if a complex process utilizes a scale that is not tailored for the specific application, weighing results can be inaccurate. Those process inefficiencies and inaccuracies can impact a company's reputation and bottom line. METTLER TOLEDO has introduced four application software packages for its IND890 weighing terminal, now with a touchscreen to speed up manual operations and reduce errors, which offers manufacturers an opportunity to maximize their processes in the areas of communication, counting, filling and formulation. The large touchscreen speeds up manual operations and reduces errors.

Inaccurate weighing leads to lost revenue, and weighing equipment operating in harsh industrial environments requires protection to maintain accuracy. The IND890 offers an easy-to-use touch-screen with an IP69k rating to withstand high-pressure and temperature washdown in industrial environments. The touchscreen offers self-explanatory, visually appealing icons for optimized operator guidance. Operators see only what they need for a given operation to avoid unnecessary processing errors.

The updated IND890 also offers new application software packages designed for processes that require enhanced communication, filling, counting and formulation capabilities. IND890com, IND890count, IND890fill and IND890form from METTLER TOLEDO are tailored to specific process applications to ensure optimal performance with the IND890 system. IND890com was designed for reliable transfer of crucial process data. It provides users with greater control over their processes, with remote connectivity to the weighing terminal to log relevant data simply and securely. IND890count was designed with multi-mode piece counting in mind. This software is especially useful in applications requiring piece counting, neutral measurement and totalizing. IND890fill facilitates fast, accurate filling processes with fewer errors and consistent results, as well as flexible process control options. IND890form is designed to optimize formulation processes with greater consistency, reduced waste and enhanced end-product quality.

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