Meat has now inspired a Facebook page, where meat and poultry lovers can gather as a community to celebrate all that meat and poultry have to offer. Simply called “Meat,” the page is a place for the meat and poultry lovers of the world, the people for whom meat isn't just food on their plate. It's a way of life.

“Meat inspires an emotional bond for so many people,” said Janet Riley, senior vice president of public affairs at the American Meat Institute (AMI). “There are many ways that people celebrate meat, but we noticed there was no central, online hub for people to congregate in a virtual space and share the bond meat and meat culture inspires.”

Fans of the Meat Facebook page can expect to find fun meat and poultry stories, occasional recipes, photos and events and are encouraged to share their own meat materials. The page will be managed by the meat and poultry experts at the AMI, and is open to those who love meat and poultry of all types, from steaks at the finest restaurant to hot dogs on the street.

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Source: AMI