The New Primal, makers of the world’s healthiest, most responsibly sourced 100% grass-fed beef, free-range turkey and naturally raised pork snacks, will introduce four new bold meat stick flavors. 

The new meat stick flavors include Habanero Pineapple Beef, Cilantro Lime Turkey and their first pork products, Maple Bacon Pork and Barbecue Pork. These flavors are a refreshing take on the traditional meat stick varieties and offer unexpected fun to the snack market. 

Adding to the new product range, The New Primal’s marinade, originally formulated for the Classic and Spicy Beef Jerky recipes, is now being bottled for retail following the popularity of the jerky seasoning. This Paleo-friendly marinade is available in both Classic and Spicy flavors. Both marinades are intended for and perfect on chicken, steak, lamb, and other proteins. While certain they would also work on vegetables, they are intended to enhance the flavor of meat.  

 “We continue to revolutionize how people consume and prepare their protein,” says The New Primal founder Jason Burke. “Finding clean, delicious protein options is still difficult in today’s “noisy” meat snack market, and we have made it our mission to add variety to our product line. Bottling the marinade that built our brand allows customers to bring our signature flavor to their home-cooking.” 

The new meat stick flavors retail for $1.99 per unit and are available in natural grocery stores, outdoor retail and grocery chains. The Classic and Spicy Marinades retail for $6.99 and can be purchased exclusively online at 

Two different sampler packs will also be available online beginning September 19. The Meat Stick Sampler box contains three sticks of each flavor and retails for $41.95. The Classics Sampler box contains a bag of Classic Beef, Spicy Beef and Classic Turkey Jerky along with two sticks of Classic Beef, Spicy Beef and Classic Turkey and retails for $32.95.