Rig-A-Lite LEDIn response to the growing demand for energy efficient, maintenance free lighting in the food processing, refining, chemical processing, wastewater treatment and other industrial markets, Rig-A-Lite has developed an improved version of its WFH LED luminaire. This addition offers an LED light source tested and rated for 60,000 hours of maintenance free use and carries a five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect and lumen output loss. It features a watershed design, heavy duty aluminum construction, FDA accepted baked on finish and is rated for temperatures from -20°F to +50°C (122°F).

Available with a 2 X 4 housing, welded aluminum lens frame, captive stainless steel hardware and a watershed design, it offers true industrial performance in the most demanding environments. It is also available with either a clear or a prismatic acrylic lens to offer the versatility and light distribution to meet your facility’s needs. Technical data includes:

• Total Lumens: Clear Acrylic lens (14,112) Prismatic Acrylic lens (13,090)

• 4,100K CCT standard. 3,500K and 5,000K CCT options available

• 82 CRI

• Clear lens- 88 lumens per watt. Prismatic Lens- 95 lumens per watt

The WFH LED is rated for environments where the following classifications exist. There is also a non-rated version available for the food processing industry:

For more information, please visit www.rigalite.com, your local Rig-A-Lite sales representative, or our customer service department at 713-943-0340.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of AZZ Incorporated, which is publicly traded on the NYSE, Rig-A-Lite was established in 1938 as a heavy-duty lighting for the petroleum drilling industry. Rig-A-Lite has developed an expansive product line that serves a vast array of customers. Offshore and land based rigs, production refineries, chemical plants, waste-water treatment facilities and other hazardous duty environments are prime application examples. In addition, Rig-A-Lite has developed innovative lighting fixtures for the food processing industry. These fixtures are designed to withstand daily high-pressure wash down, usually with elevated temperatures and caustic cleaning compounds- proof of the extreme durability that the company’s products provide.