Zep Keeper sanitizerFood industry companies searching for a way to eliminate pathogens, extend shelf life, and improve the quality of their red meats, poultry, seafood and post-harvest fruit and vegetables have a new solution: KEEPER Professional, from Zep Sales and Service.

KEEPER Professional products are FDA-approved, fast-acting, broad-spectrum anti-microbial agents using cutting-edge CIO2 (sodium chlorite) technology for maximum microbial control without altering or destroying the taste, color, nutritional value or odor of food products. They are effective against Salmonella, E. coli 0157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter jejuni and other pathogens. They also prevent formation of biofilm.

 “KEEPER Professional is more effective than other common sanitizers, such as peracetic acid and sodium hypochlorite, says Tammy Nichols, Food Segment Marketing Manager, Zep North American Sales & Service. “The products are FSIS approved [21 CFR 173.325, USDA FSIS Directive 7120.1 & FCN 739], organic-certified (OMRI listed), KOSHER certified, and are exempt from declaration on the food product label.”

KEEPER Professional uses the most trusted antimicrobial intervention technology available today. It gives food processors the ability to upgrade their HACCP plans, gain the confidence of USDA inspectors, avoid expensive recalls and maintain their reputations for quality products.

KEEPER Professional is approved for use in the processing of poultry and red meat carcasses, parts and organs, and for processed, comminuted, and formed meats as a component of a spray or dip, at concentrations up to 1200 ppm, and at or near a neutral pH. The same chemistry, which is activated at the time of use to produce the uniquely effective food-grade sanitizer chlorine dioxide, can be used from slaughterhouse to packaging, and from ship to shore. Several equipment options and delivery systems are available.

 Poultry Applications
KEEPER Professional can be used during post-evisceration, chiller and post-chill processing and is approved for online reprocessing. It has higher log reductions than PAA or bleach. In addition, the pH range of 5.0-7.5 does not cause the poultry to oxidize, causing black spots where bruised or blood spots occur.

 Red Meat Applications
KEEPER Professional can be used with carcasses as well as during deboning, trimming and grinding, and forming and packaging stages. It has higher log reductions than PAA or Lactic acid, and its pH range of 5.0-7.5 does not cause the meat to turn off-color like more acidic treatments. It can also be used at lower rates to reduce cost, for applications in which meat has less of a microbial load.

 Seafood Applications
KEEPER® Professional is approved for use in water and ice that are used to rinse, wash, thaw, transport and store seafood. It can be used as a processing aid-rinse, in the ship’s hold for storage water and ice, as a scallop whitener, and as a deodorizer. It is more effective than other common seafood sanitizers such as quaternary ammonia, Iodophors, Peracetic acid, and sodium hypochlorite (chlorine). It may be applied unactivated, per FCN 900. Only seafood consumed raw requires a potable water rinse.

Zep has been a true partner in food safety sanitation for more than 70 years. The company aligns closely with customers and industry stakeholders, keeping pace with the industry’s changing technologies, regulations and best practices. The Zep Food Division offers food operations the right sanitation products for every application. Products include foaming cleansers, CIP/soak cleansers, sanitizers, drain maintenance, biolfilm, and hand care. For more information, visit www.zepfooddivision.com.