Having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week, Northern Beef Packers is laying off more than 250 workers, leaving only six employees at the beef plant.

KELO TV reports that workers were told about the layoffs on Wednesday morning.

"I'm just upset with the way the plant handled the situation. I think they could have been a little bit more professional about it, kind of given us a heads up," former employee Marco Morales said.

The plant didn't pay its hourly employees Friday. Laid off workers say they're still waiting for that check.

Tanya Glodrey was a supervisor and found out shortly before noon she didn't have a job anymore either.

"Management and supervisors on a salaried basis have not been paid the full month of July," Glodrey said.

Northern Beef Packers did not issue any further statements about the layoffs. There were conflicting reports about whether President David Palmer had resigned, but the Associated Press reported that he acknowledged he still works for the company.

The beef plant is owned by Korean investors. Part-owner Oshik Song says he is going to South Korea shortly for an investors meeting.

Source: KELO News, Associated Press