Ashworth Rack N Roll ConveyorAshworth has received a patent for its Rack & Roll Crate system that reduces service costs and speeds up installation of its ExactaStack drop-in replacement self-stacking belt. Rack & Roll is designed for easy crate handling and quick roll-out, roll-in belt replacements for self-stacking spirals. Food processors can now benefit from savings on both lower cost belting with ExactaStack, and lower cost installations with Rack & Roll.

Ashworth Factory Service installed a complete “change out” for the world’s largest producer of frozen potato specialties.  The company’s plant engineer stated, “The technicians at Ashworth Factory Service are knowledgeable and provide very capable installation services. Ashworth is easy to work with and installed the ExactaStack belt to meet our plant schedule.”

The combination of Rack & Roll and an ExactaStack Turn-key Belt Replacement from Ashworth Factory Service is an easy and cost effective solution for food processors to keep their stackers constantly running at peak performance. ExactaStack belts are delivered spooled onto Rack & Roll Crates; each crate has a footprint and height of less than 4-feet, making the belt easy to stack, store, and maneuver. Installation of a self stacking belt with the Rack & Roll Crate is simplified by rolling out the new ExactaStack belt directly from the crate to the in-feed of the stacker. The old belt is conveniently rolled into an empty Rack & Roll crate from the out-feed.

“When we began manufacturing ExactaStack we faced the problem of storing, handling and installing the self-stacking spiral belts,” states Joe Lackner, Vice President for Ashworth. He expands by saying, “We looked at the crates from the competition and theirs were 10-feet long and awkward to store, move and unload, which increased the risk of damaging the belt. We saw this as an opportunity to help our customers with a better solution.”

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