by Larson Electronics has announced the release of an LED light fixture designed to replace common fluorescent lamps in hazardous locations without the usually higher cost of explosion proof LED fixtures. The HAL-48-2L-LED-BMSW Hazardous Location LED Light provides improved output and durability over comparable fluorescent fixtures, but offers a more budget friendly price tag without compromising quality or safety.

Larson Electronics LED LightingThe HAL-48-2L-LED-BMSW hazardous location LED light fixture provides high light output and excellent durability in an affordable hazardous location approved system. Designed to replace less reliable more fragile fluorescent fixtures, this C1D2 LED light costs less than comparable fixtures yet still provides higher output and UL approved hazardous location compliance. This 4 foot long, 2 lamp fixture is UL listed Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D and is constructed with a non sparking aluminum housing for durability and light weight. The LED bulbs are protected and sealed within the housing by a powder coated aluminum frame and shatter and heat resistant clear acrylic lens locked to the housing with ten, zinc coated steel latches. The LED tube lamps in this fixture produce more light than standard T5 bulbs and have over twice the lamp life, but draw only 1/3rd the amount of the current, making these units more efficient as well as more powerful. Since Larson Electronics’ has equipped these units with LED lamps, there is no need for the ballasts associated with fluorescent lamps, thus reducing fixture weight and increasing reliability while also reducing costs. The HAL-48-2L-LED-BMSW is designed for hazardous location lighting applications and carries UL approval for Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D locations as well as UL 1598A Marine Type approval for wet locations. These fixtures come standard in 120 to 277 VAC configuration for use with common voltages, and Magnalight also offers 12/24 VDC configurations for low voltage applications as well. Installation of these explosion proof LED lights is facilitated through included surface mount L brackets that allow operators to mount the fixture and adjust its mounting angle for optimum illumination of the desired areas. These hazardous location LED fixtures are ideal for budget conscious operators in industrial, commercial, marine and manufacturing industries who would like to upgrade to LED fixtures, but have in the past found the cost prohibitive.

“This hazardous area location LED light fixture is light-weight, featuring low amp draw, adjustable mounting brackets, and corrosion resistant aluminum housing,” said Robert Bresnahan from Larson Electronics “The HAL-48-2L-LED-BMSW is made to replace or upgrade current fragile fluorescent rig lights at an affordable price point.”

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