Iowa Premium Beef, a plant opening in Tama, Iowa, will have its 2012 property taxes deferred until 2014, after a meeting of the Tama County supervisors, reports the Toledo Chronicle and Tama News-Herald.

John Stewart, CEO for IPB, was present for the meeting. Stewart had requested to defer their 2012 property taxes until May, 2014. Supervisors felt this was for the benefit of the county and passed a resolution for deferring until Friday, May 30, 2014. The county will abate all interest and penalties that will be due if taxes are paid by that date.

Stewart added during the meeting that the plant will likely begin operation by mid-2014, weather permitting. Extensive construction and electrical work needs to be done, all of which involves digging. Stewart plans to attend the Monday, Sept. 30 supervisors' meeting with further details.

Source: Tama News-Herald