Gainco Weltech weigherGainco Inc., a leading manufacturer of weighing systems, yield management, packing and distribution equipment for meat and poultry processors, announces a joint marketing, sales and service agreement with Weltech International Ltd.

Under the terms of this agreement, Gainco will market and service Weltech weighing systems to the poultry industry in the U.S.A. The agreement became effective in June 2013.

A U.K.-based company established in 1977, Weltech has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of environmental monitoring equipment for the poultry industry. 

Weltech has also developed a leading line of manual and automated live poultry weighing systems. The success of these and other products has made Weltech equipment a common sight in many broiler, breeder, laying and rearing operations.

Live Bird Weighing Systems
As an example of Weltech equipment that is ideally suited for the poultry industry, the Weltech BW-2050 weighing system is one of the most advanced live bird scales available in the market. It is the ideal solution for tracking the growth rate of birds.

The BW-2050 boasts a technologically advanced weighing platform that delivers super-accurate readings and reliable, long-life performance. Among the key benefits of this equipment are the following:

  • Each unit is battery-operated and portable – operating up to 12 hours between charges. 
  • The backlit weigh display is ideal for poor lighting conditions, and can be set to operate in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. 
  • The scale system stores as many as 5,000 separate weights in 100 separate poultry houses or pens – up to 22 lbs. (10 kgs.) for chickens and 110 lbs. (50 kgs.) for turkeys. 
  • The system can also be used to grade birds by weight parameters. 
  • Data collection is set to individual needs … the system connects to a PC, handheld terminal or printer, and can be fitted with a USB port. 
  • The BW-2050 weigher can be supplied individually, and is also available packaged in a heavy-duty plastic carrying case housing the weigher, main charger and shackle.

 Manufacturer-Authorized Calibration, Service, Repair and Parts
In addition to manufacturing its own well-known brand of DuraWeigh scales and Gainco Infiniti weight indicators, Gainco provides expert, factory-authorized service, repair and parts for other scale brands such as GSE and Cardinal.

As a result of this agreement, Gainco is now authorized to service and repair Weltech manual and automated poultry weighing systems using its own factory-trained service specialists.

Commenting on the formal sales and service agreement, Joe Cowman, president of Gainco stated, “We’re pleased to establish this new relationship with Weltech International. The Weltech brand is well-respected among poultry growers. Its product line for live bird weighing is a fine fit with our own equipment and gives us the ability to offer more complete solutions to vertically integrated poultry enterprises.”

For more information about Weltech International’s product line, including the BW-2050 weighing system and how it benefits poultry growing operations, call 800-467-2828 to speak with one of our weighing system consultants, e-mail your request to or visit

Information about Weltech International’s mission and worldwide industry activities is available at

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