Cloud's Meats Inc., Carthage, Mo., is voluntarily recalling beef and pork products possibly contaminated with E. coli following positive test results for non-0157 Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STECs) in samples of items produced mid-November. The samples were taken during routine testing conducted by the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Meat and Poultry Inspection Program November 14 and analyzed by the Department's Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Springfield.

The Jasper County meat processor is voluntarily recalling approximately 1,450 pounds of meat, including ground beef and pork, sausage and steaks.

The recalled products are marked with the code "318" and labeled with Clouds Meats Inc. or Cloud's Smoked Meats. Recalled items include 1052 pounds of ground beef, 158 pounds of pork sausage, 152 pounds of ground pork, and 96 pounds of Tenderized Minute Steak and Tenderized Round Steak.

Records indicate that the products above were not distributed for retail sale. There have been no illnesses associated with the products at this time.

Cloud’s Meats posted an official statement on its Facebook page, which reads:

“During routine testing it was discovered that some meat products produced November 14, 2013 were determined to be contaminated with a new emerging (STEC) E. coli bacteria. Most importantly, no product was ever sold to the public, and was held in its entirety with the distributer. The contaminants entered the establishment from livestock delivered to Cloud’s Meats. The meat items affected were derived from livestock owned by the distributer, and processed by Cloud’s Meats and returned to the owners for re-sale. These meat products are not associated in any way, with products sold at Cloud’s Meat’s retail stores. The affected products are now under control of Cloud’s Meats under the supervision of Missouri Department of Agriculture. Plant records and tracking methods, successfully worked as implemented, to not allow the product to enter commerce. Cloud’s Meats, in association with all parties, acted quickly and definitively to control the affected product with public safety being the only priority.

“The motto at Cloud’s Meats is “Our Family Serving Yours”. This is no less true now, than it was in 1959 when the business was started three generations ago. Cloud’s Meats HACCP safety program is constantly improving and evolving to produce wholesome and safe food for your family, and for ours. This also includes new emerging bacteria that may pose a potential health risk. As long time members of the local community, it is unfortunate that this has occurred. It is important that Cloud’s Meats and the local community can honestly and candidly speak about potential problems, and recognize the success of controlling these problems when they arise.“

Source: Missouri Department of Agriculture, Cloud’s Meats