Designed to handle harsh chemicals and washdown applications, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies an aluminum alloy housing offering a high strength, light weight, corrosion-resistant alternative to cast iron and stainless steel that is easy to clean. An oxidation layer forms naturally on the aluminum alloy, creating an inherently corrosion resistant gearbox in many applications, which makes paint and protective surface treatments optional.  The aluminum alloy housing conducts heat better, providing lower internal operating temperatures, helping to ensure an increased service life. The MINICASE (SMI Series) is characterized by its smooth outer surface design and its separate foot-mount and flange-mount housings. Cleaning liquids wash off easily and completely from the surfaces, while remaining considerably cooler than those of conventional drives. Commonly supplied with an integral motor or brakemotor, the MINICASE is also available with NEMA or IEC input and NORD motor.

Designed according to the proven UNICASE principle, the housings are very torsion-resistant and withstand high mechanical stress. With the optional NSD tupH surface treatment, they become extremely resistant to corrosion as well as acids and alkaline solutions. NORD's NSD tupH sealed surface conversion system is not a coating, which means that no layers can peel. Instead, the process transforms surfaces with up to seven times the hardness of the base aluminum material. Thereby, the housing surfaces increase durability qualities that are similar to stainless steel versions, while remaining much lighter and more economic. In addition to food industry processes, the gear units are also ideally suited for conveyor systems in applications where geared motors have to be moved and their light weight becomes essential. All gear units can be combined with motors from NORD or other manufacturers; either IEC or NEMA.

NORD was founded in 1965 to develop, produce, and market drive technology. As an industry leader ranking # 2 in the US & Canada and # 2 as the Global Leader, NORD reaches nearly all markets. With 3000 employees and 35 assembly factories worldwide, sales and support is available in 60+ countries. This ensures short delivery times and services close to you. NORD supplies application-specific concepts and solutions which include but are not limited to energy-saving drives. NORD provides a wide range of products to meet your needs with gearboxes ranging in torque ratings from 8.5 lb-in to 1,770,000 lb-in and electric motors rating in power from 1/6 HP to 250 HP. In addition, the product line consists of high performance AC Vector Drives and AC Drives for panel mount or distributed motor mount.