Mettler Toledo floor scaleA new white paper from Mettler Toledo explains how hygienically designed floor scales can enhance productivity and food safety in food applications.

Global food standards, such as BRC, SQF, IFS, and FSSC22000, require the use of hygienically designed equipment, but still every month new cases of food-borne illnesses are reported. Scales that are not designed with effective and fast cleaning in mind can take a long time to clean, with inadequate results.

Scales that are poorly cleaned can lead to bacterial contamination that can spread to other parts of a food production facility. Those issues can be eliminated by using a floor scale that provides easy cleaning access for maximum hygiene and efficiency.

The free white paper explains the considerations for evaluating and selecting an appropriate floor scale based on the demands for cleaning efficiency and effectiveness in food applications. Upon reading the white paper, participants should be able to understand the correlation between hygienically designed floor scales and food safety; examine considerations for installing floor scales and benefit from examples of effective floor-scale construction and design elements.

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