Goldn Plump ChartGold’n Plump, a brand of all natural chicken from the Midwest’s largest chicken producer GNP Company, releases Gold’n Plump Competitive Attribute Research. Using Gold’n Plump and three competitive brand products, the Gold’n Plump research and development team’s findings highlight a measurable difference in the quality and usability of chicken products being sold to consumers. Results show Gold’n Plump chicken outscores its competitors on every metric analyzed with significant advantages coinciding with the demands of today’s quality-conscious consumer.

The research compared three all natural Gold’n Plump products – Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Whole Chicken and 8-Piece/Whole Cut-Up Chicken – against similar types of products from three competitive brands. Products were assessed on attributes, such as injected solution, unwanted parts, untrimmed fat and more, and found:

  • All natural Gold’n Plump chicken did not contain any injected solution, whereas the competition averaged as much as 8.7 ounces per package. Injected solution is used as an additive to enhance flavor. Though it is usually made of natural ingredients, it is not natural to chicken.
  • Competitive brands of chicken contained up to seven ounces of unwanted parts as compared to Gold’n Plump chicken products, which contain no unwanted parts in the package. Unwanted parts include the neck, gizzards and other pieces of the chicken consumers generally do not use in everyday meal preparation.
  • All natural Gold’n Plump boneless skinless chicken breasts were very highly trimmed of fat, with an overall average of 0.1 ounce of fat per package. In comparison, the competitions’ boneless skinless breasts had an average of 2.0 ounces of fat per package.
  • Gold’n Plump chicken had consistent package weight, whereas competitors had up to a 1.2 pound difference per package. Variable weight is the weight discrepancy from package to package of the same chicken type, a negative attribute when cooks are looking for consistency in portion size.

“With all natural Gold’n Plump, customers are getting what they’re paying for: high quality chicken. The study proves it,” said Rory Bidinger, Gold’n Plump brand advocacy and marketing manager for GNP Company. “With other brands priced by weight, consumers may be paying for more than just chicken; they pay for extra weight that’s not even chicken, due to injected solution, unwanted parts and untrimmed fat.”

 Source: GNP Co.