Air DaddiAs any trucker knows, a freezer or refrigerator trailer can be one of the most costly types of vehicles to drive in terms of fuel consumption – especially during the summer months. A new product that can be placed into reefer units and other refrigerated vehicles can help truck drivers save up to 40 percent in fuel usage.

Air Daddi ( uses groundbreaking technology to help truck drivers reduce fuel consumption, control humidity and condensation, maintain temperatures in reefer units and increase the life of perishables (meats, fruits and vegetables). Using Air Daddi technology, any trucker can finally drive a fuel-saving reefer, rather than a fuel guzzler. Drivers looking to reduce fuel consumption with smarter refrigeration units will find that Air Daddi saves them both fuel and money.

When Air Daddi is placed into a reefer unit or refrigerated plant, test results show dramatic reductions in fuel and power usage. The reason for this is that the chillers that keep these units cool do not turn on as frequently, because Air Daddi is maintaining temperatures more efficiently and for longer periods of time.

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