Halal Turkey Deli MeatsAt the Food and Hotel Asia show in Singapore this spring, Midamar showcased its new premium Halal Turkey Deli Meats. The Midamar Turkey Deli Line is part of the new lineup of healthy, sustainable, convenient and delicious food products available in Southeast Asia. The Halal Garlic and Herb Turkey Deli Meat won the 2013 Gulfood Award for Best New Frozen and Chilled Food.  This year Midamar will be featuring its full line of Chunk Turkey Deli Meats. The line includes the award-winning Garlic and Herb, Black Forest, Hickory Smoked, and Golden Browned Halal Turkey Breast. These chunk turkey breasts are now in deli counters in major supermarkets in the U.S.  They are also being served in delis, diners, fine restaurants, colleges and other institutions in America. The whole turkey breasts are lightly seasoned and cooked to perfection. There are no fillers or additives.