Two mobile slaughterhouses were allegedly attacked by animal rights activists in Oregon. The unknown attackers claimed to have poured bleach into the gas tanks of the units, which would cause a chemical reaction that would seize the engine and cripple the trailer.

One of the facilities that was attacked was Shoe’s Mobile Slaughter and Processing during the weekend of June 21-22, reports There was some confusion from the initial report, which was publicized in the animal rights magazine Bite Back, because it listed Shoe’s of Stayton, Ore. by name but had the address of another Oregon meat processor in Sublimity.

Chris Show, owner of Shoe’s Mobile Slaughter, said that he replaced his mobile unit on June 23, so if the activists did damage his vehicle, it was the old one.

“It’s actually pretty dang funny,” Shoe said. “That old truck is going to the scrap yard.”

Previously, activists had sabotaged the mobile slaughterhouse that belonged to Meating Place, located in Hillsboro, on June 14. Keith Miller, owner, said he was unaware of the attack until he was contacted by a federal investigator.

He then siphoned fuel from the tank and “it was yellow, so they obviously did something to it,” Miller said. “I was a little shocked, but I guess we should have been more prepared for crazy people.”

Jerry Haun, executive secretary of the Northwest Meat Processors Association, said he has never heard of such sabotage cases in more than three decades in the industry, but he is advising mobile processors to take extra precautions, such as locking fuel tanks and installing better security equipment and lighting. He notes that mobile units are more vulnerable than brick-and-mortar facilities.

“These people aren’t going to let you know they’re coming,” Haun said.

Anyone with information about the cases can reach the FBI office in Portland at 503-224-4181 and the Salem office at 503-362-6601.