OSI China has confirmed that it has entered into a management services agreement with KanPak China, a subsidiary of Golden State Foods, which is headquartered in Irvine, Calif. Under the single-facility agreement, KanPak will manage OSI’s Guangzhou facility, which produces vegetable and fruit products.

“OSI remains committed to China, our customers and our consumers,” the company said in a statement. “OSI’s Guangzhou facility will be operated by KanPak to help meet customer needs.”

Since OSI acquired the Guangzhou facility from Coronet Foods in 2001, it has consistently provided customers with safe and high-quality products, the company added. The plant, which will be operated under the new single-facility agreement, currently features world-class supply chain and internal systems. OSI’s Guangzhou facility has been consistently recognized as one of China’s premier produce providers.

"We're pleased to expand our business in China to include produce with this management services agreement," said Mark Wetterau, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Golden State Foods. "We're accessing GSF's global resources and those of its partners to provide outstanding quality with assured supply to the Chinese market."

Through the facility in China, the GSF team will bring its experience in the global production of produce. The team will take over the 100% control and management of the Guangzhou OSI plant under this master agreement. The plant will continue to be dedicated to delivering safe, quality products that meet both clients' and China's regulatory requirements.

Source: OSI Group LLC, Golden State Foods