Handtmann Burger FormerHandtmann’s Burger Forming Solution eliminates the taste and texture problems of high pressure forming by combining the precision of gentle vane cell portioning with integrated servo-driven cutting, high speed conveying and fully adjustable flattening. Finally, a variety of roller imprint options for burger scoring let processors deliver patties that not only have the look, but also the texture and other ‘home-made’ characteristics of traditional home style patties.

The Handtmann Burger Former attaches to any Handtmann VF machine and is capable of cutting and shaping up to 250 patties per minute to form the exact premium presentation demanded by your customers.

The simple forming knife insert design enables quick changeovers in all 1-8 lane options using either 400mm or 600 mm belt widths. Integrated servo-driven cutting assures precise weight control for all commercial size patties and the system offers simple dimensional changes that also enable meatball production in diameters up to 80mm.

When the burger former is combined with the ability of any one of ten Handtmann VF Series options to work seamlessly at the highest speeds with downstream interleaving and direct package loading options, Handtmann’s burger portioning and shaping solutions offer the product quality, portioning accuracy and operational flexibility needed to efficiently meet almost all burger forming demands.

So, whether you need an attachment for your current Handtmann VF machine or are evaluating systems for reliable expansion into the patty or meatball market, the Handtmann Burger Former is a must-see option to consider. At Handtmann, the proof of our performance is in the quality of your product. That’s now true with burgers and meatballs as well.

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