Brookfield Engineering is celebrating its 80th anniversary with a special promotional offer on its top of the line DV3T Rheometer which offers a touch screen interface and real time graphical display of data.  An automatic 10% discount on the purchase price coupled with its unique stand-alone performance capability make the DV3T the “best buy” opportunity for customers looking to purchase a new instrument or upgrade their existing viscometer.  This special offer runs thru November 2014.

Reasons to consider the DV3T Rheometer include the following:  the QC operator can see trend information by viewing the graphical flow curve for viscosity data during the test; QC limits for pass/fail can be superimposed on the graph so that the decision to accept or reject product is automatic, no human interpretation is required. R&D can program characterization tests directly using the touch screen interface and observe live data for both yield stress and viscosity flow curves; and math model analysis of test data is accomplished with a single keystroke.

Having founded Brookfield Engineering in 1934, Don Brookfield made it his number one priority to offer “the highest quality instruments at the lowest possible price.”  The capabilities of the new DV3T Rheometer provide the customer with more instrument for the money than ever before.  In the past the features listed above would have required a PC running Brookfield’s Rheocalc Software to control the instrument.  Now it is possible to have equivalent performance capability in a stand-alone rheometer at a lower price than what a customer would previously have spent.

For additional information or to obtain a quote, contact Brookfield or your local dealer/representative.  Details are available online at