Pack Expo 2014 will be the venue for many exciting ideas and solutions for the packaging industry. Among them will be conveyor system displays at NERCON’s Booth #N5345. Visit this exhibit to learn more about maximizing line efficiencies and reducing changeover time with the company’s new Flex Flow Accumulator, Helix Spiral Conveyor, Sanitary Belt Conveyor, and new Rapid-Rail.

Nercon’s Flex Flow Accumulator is a versatile accumulation solution that allows for continuous production of your packaging line equipment, reducing down-time and increasing overall production efficiency. Operating on a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) expandable travel path, the Flex Flow automatically changes length to match fluctuations in production. Product orientation is maintained along with zero product backpressure, ensuring safe handling and no jams. A compact floor space footprint enables placement in tight manufacturing spaces. From cups to pouches to odd-shaped bottles, a variety of products can be conveyed with minimal changeover between sizes.

The new Helix Spiral Conveyor from Nercon provides a compact solution to gently elevate or lower a variety of products in a production line. With attractive pricing, a robust design, and the capability of handling cartons, pouches, bottles and bundles, the Helix is an ideal choice for new projects or line modifications that require elevation changes. The bi-directional Helix ensures smooth operation and can be configured in a variety of in-feed and discharge height combinations, along with high and low speed applications. For wash-down environments requiring stainless steel construction, the Helix is the smart choice in food and beverage production facilities. Also available in painted steel construction, the Helix can be expanded to suit extreme changes in elevation.

Nercon’s Sanitary Design Belt Conveyors are an excellent choice for handling raw food, bulk food, packaged food and pharmaceutical products. Competitively priced and completely constructed of stainless steel, each conveyor is tailored to fit your product handling, cleaning, sanitation, and safety requirements. Slider bed, trough, roller v-guide and welded tube frame designs can be configured to fit your product transportation needs. Durable designs range from fully-welded to bolted construction. Choose from a wide variety of options for belts, supports, guide rails, catch pans, and top covers.

The new patent-pending Rapid-Rail is engineered to simplify changeovers on the packaging line. Rapid-Rail offers a single point, easy-to-use hand adjustment of guide rails to accommodate multiple package sizes on the same piece of equipment. Now several points along the conveyor, over a long distance, can be controlled from one location on the line.

To learn more, visit Nercon at Booth #N5345 at Pack Expo or call (844)293-2814;