Douglas Machine will highlight the following machines at PACK EXPO 2016 in Chicago, Ill. on Nov. 6-9.


TriVex SL

The simplest retail ready case packer available. Rather than a machine with a robot, come see a machine that is a robot!

  • Designed to pack bags and pouches in a standup configuration
  • Loads product into retail ready display cases with one or two product facings
  • Advanced dual Scara robots precisely collate and load product

TriVex RL – Delta III

This compact and mighty top load case packer loads any type of top load case or tray; a diverse offering to meet all your product needs.

  • Available with Delta III robotic or gantry loader
  • Solutions for bags, pouches, cartons, trays, cups, cans, bottles and more
  • Vision controlled technology provides a highly efficient process with a small footprint
  • Also available as an integrated TriVex RLi which offers the unique ability to seamlessly erect, load and seal top load cases with one compact machine


ContourTM M-80

SmartSelect Automatic Infeed Changeover

  • Enables fast, repeatable changeovers
  • Rail positions are recipe-driven and locked in place to within +/- 1/32”
  • Designed for multi-lane conveyors and infeed rails

Automatic Film Splicer

  • Reduces critical machine downtime
  • Stage clear or printed film, at operator’s convenience, while machine is running
  • Delivers precise print registration and heat splicing


Axiom IM

Performance is in the design. Product collators, loaders, case setup, flap folders and glue compression, all designed to outperform.

  • Capability to run wraparound, knockdown and trays on one machine
  • Speeds up to 45 cases/trays per minute single index
  • Speeds up to 60 cases/trays per minute dual index

Invex IM

Economic without compromising design.

  • Positive drives eliminate motion lag and inconsistency seen with air cylinders
  • Key design philosophies optimize handling of product, corrugated board and the finished product
  • Standard rate of 25 cases/trays per minute