Lyco, an expert in atmospheric cooking or cooling pasta, rice, dry beans and vegetables, is exhibiting a Simulator that can pasteurize, cook or cool raw or pouched products.

Information will be available about Lyco's latest innovation, a Continuous Pressure Cooker, which is changing the way dry beans and rice are processed in North America. Pressure cooking has reduced cook times of dry beans and rice by 70 to 80%. Other benefits include quality and recovery improvements.

The same Simulator will demonstrate how Lyco can reduce cooling times for pouched food products by 40% using patented Hydro-Flow air and water agitation.

Additionally, PACK EXPO attendees will be able to see, "The best waste water screen in North America," Lyco's Double  Drum  Screen , which  screens  twice (.080” and  .020")  in one pass through  the machine. The benefits are reduced industrial waste, or increased product recovery. Efficiency is maintained by the clean-on-place traveling spray which uses five to 10 gallons per minute and eliminates blinding.

Applications include vegetables, pasta, rice, meat and poultry. The same design in poultry applications works on offal or feather separation. On display will also be North America's premier waste water screen with a traveling spray that eliminates screen blinding.

"The products we're bringing to PACK EXPO can really help customers in the food processing and packaging industries achieve more efficiency, increased recovery and improved safety" said Jack Danner, Director of Sales, Lyco. We're excited about being at PACK EXPO in 2018."

For more information on products from Lyco Manufacturing, visit; email or call (920) 623-4152.