The AMSA Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC) planning committee is honored to announce Dr. Andrzej Sosnicki, Director of Performance Validation for PIC NA, as the recipient of the 2015 International Lectureship Award, sponsored by DuPont Nutrition & Health.  Dr. Sosnicki will address RMC attendees during the Pork Concurrent Session on Monday, June 15, 2015 with a unique look at “The Science of meat quality – an applied focus."

Andrzej Sosnicki received his MS degree in Animal Physiology and Ph.D. in Muscle Biology & Meat Science from the University of Life Sciences in Poznan, Poland, in 1978 and 1984, respectively; where he also held positions of assistant and associated professor. Andrzej moved to the Muscle Biology & Meat Science laboratory, University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1985 where he studied muscle histochemistry, histopathology, and meat quality of poultry and red-meat animals. Subsequently he studied skeletal muscle physiology at the Department of Zoology, University of Tennessee in 1988, and in 1989 he joined the Department of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, where he further focused on physiological principles of skeletal muscle function during locomotion.

From 1990 Andrzej worked at the R&D Department of Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation, Madison, WI, where he managed Animal & Poultry Research focusing on creating value in vertically integrated animal production and meat processing systems. 

He joined PIC in 1995 to manage the company Global Muscle Biology & Meat Science Program emphasizing commercial aspects of carcass and meat quality. Andrzej was also a Collaborator/Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science of Iowa State University in 2002-2010. He is currently Director of Genus-PIC Global Applied Value Program further concentrating on integrating the advancement in pig genetics and production into meat & food science aspects of pork supply & value chains.  

Dr. Sosnicki's primary interests include progression in genetic selection and production practices, skeletal muscle physiology and carcass and meat quality, and their implications for the food supply chain. He is author/co-author of over forty publications, four book chapters and several popular-science articles. In his spare time he enjoys skiing and motorcycling around the world.

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