Hill Meat announced that it is adding 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space to its Pendleton, Ore., facility. In addition, the company’s 60-year-old facility is getting a facelift, with lower ceilings, removal of walls, better lighting and improved refrigeration, reports the East Oregonian.

“It seems like we’re bursting at the seams all the time,” said Nicole Sorensen, president. Her father, CEO Jim Cheney, assumed ownership of the business in 2001, and the company has made several key changes to reach its present level of success. Hill Meat’s pork products, including hot dogs, sausages and bacon, are distributed into the foodservice and retail markets.

The project will cost millions, but the engineers predict the larger plant will use less energy than today and more space will make it easier to add new production lines.

Source: East Oregonian