Foran Spice Company is proud to announce the launch of BindEASE, an all-natural sodium phosphate replacement that increases yield and maintains the texture and flavor of meats, including chicken, pork, beef and fish.

Manufacturers can utilize BindEASE as an all-natural option to maintain cook yields equal to products produced with phosphates, offering consumers a tender, moist product without a flavor or texture difference.

BindEASE works by increasing the ionic strength and water holding capacity of meat, as well as building on the strengths of the individual ingredients and capitalizing on the synergies between them, but it does so naturally. In comparative testing, BindEASE outperformed products containing no binders or phosphates, resulting in cook yields improving five to 10 percent in chicken and 10 percent in pork.

 BindEASE joins Foran’s line of functional ingredients, following SaltEASE, a sodium reduction alternative that offers a solution to meet consumer demand for lower-sodium foods. For more information on SaltEASE or Foran’s other products and capabilities, please visit