AcidRite2500_225.jpgSES Food Safety Specialists announces the addition of the new Acid-Rite water pH balancing system to its line of poultry pathogen intervention products. The Acid-Rite system is a product of Axiall Corporation’s Water Treatment Products, which provides water treatment bacteriological solutions based on its pioneering tablet-erosion technology.  

The Acid-Rite system is designed to replace bulky liquid acid totes and drums in poultry, red meat and pork processing plants. With a small footprint (measuring 24" L x 13" W x 24" H), units can easily be integrated into existing processing lines with minimal engineering. The system is operated using proprietary Acid-Rite sodium bisulfate tablets. This delivery method eliminates splash hazards, bulk handling, and concerns over special storage for citric acid to prevent freezing in areas subject to extreme cold.

 “We see Acid-Rite as a key component of our more complete pathogen intervention approach,” said Neal Standford, president of SES Food Safety Specialists. SES has designed a delivery method that integrates both Acid-Rite and Axiall’s Accu-Tab calcium hypochlorite-based tablet system into a compact platform. This gives processors the ability to produce a highly effective hypochlorous acid solution to kill bacteria on contact. “With pending FDA regulations on poultry parts coming into play, this is a practical approach to meeting pathogen intervention standards without affecting yields,” said Stanford.

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