Day-Lee Foods’ Crazy Cuizine brand, known for bringing authentic Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine to the dinner table, is introducing an exciting new line of globally renowned flavors to its portfolio of frozen Asian entrées, called Crazy Cuizine International Favorites. The new line will feature three new flavors, each with a vegetable, rice, or noodle component. The first three entrees being launched are Beijing Broccoli Beef (Chinese), Chicken Tikka Masala & Rice (Indian/Southwest Asian), and Garlic Chicken & Noodles (Chinese/Vietnamese). With steamed chicken or lightly breaded beef, plus lighter sauces, Crazy Cuizine’s new International Favorites entrées have no added MSG or trans fats, and are ready to eat from freezer to table in just minutes. Additional Crazy Cuizine International Favorites varieties will be rolling out to store shelves beginning April 2015.