Southern Recipe Small Batch, the leading authentic, handcrafted, small batch pork rind snack, announces two new SKUs that only solidify the brand’s presence as a category and flavor leader. Both Thai Style Curry Pork Rinds and Cuban Mojo Pork Cracklins will be introduced to World Market shoppers nationwide beginning this March 2019. The Thai Style Curry Pork Rinds and the Cuban Mojo Pork Cracklins, each at an SRP of $3.99 for each four ounce bag, are representations of where the snack food aisle can – and should – be headed in terms of innovation.

Small Batch Recipe No. 92, Thai Style Curry Pork Rinds, is a blend of savory curry powder and turmeric, flavors that are reminiscent of Thailand’s signature dishes. Similarly, Small Batch Recipe No. 91 transports consumers to Cuba for a crunch that packs a bite of citrus and Caribbean spice.

“The pork rind and snack food category is oftentimes labeled as ‘one note’ and boxed into a corner. We decided to change that when we launched the Southern Recipe Small Batch brand,” shares Mark Singleton, VP of Sales and Marketing at Rudolph Foods. “With innovative and exciting flavors like Thai Style Curry and Cuban Mojo, we’re proud to bring worldly flavors to pork rinds. Not only that, but these flavors are incredibly delicious.”

Southern Recipe Small Batch’s newest additions to its branded line of products are a true testament to innovation. Both varieties allow the brand to continue elevating the perception of the humble pork rind – a snack that carries nostalgia paired with the power of protein. Ultimately, the Thai Style Curry Pork Rinds and the Cuban Mojo Pork Cracklins fill a need for more depth and greater variety within the snack food aisle.

Source: Southern Recipe Small Batch