Algal Scientific, a new biotech developer and manufacturer of algae-based products, has introduced a new feeding product to help the food industry produce healthier chickens that are raised without antibiotics. Algamune Beta-1,3 Glucan is the world’s first commercially produced beta glucan made from algae and provides a new alternative for antibiotic-free animal production.

“Because it is derived from algae, studies show the beta glucan is more bio-available to the animal than that produced from yeast sources.  Algamune delivers better health, efficiency and profitability potential and is a “certified organic” product,” said Michael Officer, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

“Algamune can benefit birds being grown in any type of commercial production system, especially antibiotic free and organic operations,” Officer says. “Our numerous trials and studies demonstrate Algamune will help support immune function allowing the animal to fight disease naturally and help deter health issues as well as or better than most feed additives and other beta glucan products. Algamune is the perfect solution for producers looking to supply major customers in the food industry with antibiotic-free poultry.”

The consumer demand for more antibiotic free poultry and meat has been steadily increasing.  McDonald’s recent announcement that it would begin using chickens that are not raised with antibiotics, will be implemented by the company over the next two years. Poultry industry experts believe that in a few years, one third of the approximately 9 billion chickens raised annually in the U.S. will be antibiotic-free. 

Algamune now offers producers a better solution to using antibiotics in animal production.  Peer-reviewed and commercial studies document a three- to four-point feed conversion improvement which is significant to producers.  Algamune also:

  • supports a healthy immune function
  • maintains growth and performance
  • helps optimize feed efficiency
  • increases profitability potential

Producers want performance and profitability and Algamune delivers on both.  

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