Just BARE chicken, a nationally distributed brand of premium, natural, antibiotic-free products, announced the expansion of its line to the deli and frozen retail categories. Featuring attributes like "no animal by-products," a commitment to carbon reduction, and third-party animal humane certification under the American Humane Certified Farm Program, Just BARE appeals to consumers who want simply raised chicken products. Frozen and deli products are often less healthy with added solutions, salt, phosphates and binding agents; Just BARE gives health-conscious consumers appealing options in the frozen and deli sections of their favorite retailers. The frozen products are all natural with nothing added, and the two new deli options offer all natural ingredients with no added phosphates. With chickens raised on independent family farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Just BARE brand is distributed by family-owned GNP Co.

"Busy lives shouldn't have to mean sacrificing healthy eating," said Julie Berling, director of brand advocacy and marketing for the Just BARE brand. "Often, we see health-conscious consumers avoiding the frozen and deli categories, because it can mean added ingredients they don't want. The new products provide more healthful convenience, staying true to the brand's promise while offering deli for tonight, fresh for tomorrow, and frozen for next week."

The frozen products are packaged in attractive cartons with full-color photography, making for flexible, stackable and eye-pleasing merchandising possibilities anywhere frozen products are sold in the store. Like Just BARE fresh products, the frozen products are also fixed-weight scannable, making it easy to run in-store promotions. Inside the cartons, individual, vacuum-packed servings help protect against freezer burn and make storing and thawing easier for consumers.

New frozen offerings include:

  • All natural, hand-trimmed boneless, skinless chicken breast fillets in 4-fillet and 8-fillet options

  • All natural, hand-trimmed boneless, skinless chicken thighs in a 4-piece package

  • All natural, lean 90/10 ground chicken, with 2-chub packages

For the deli, Just BARE now offers two popular options, marinated with eight percent solution (versus the typical 12 percent), which equates to a sodium level of 150 milligrams per serving. Plus, the marinade is phosphate-free and made only of all natural ingredients including sea salt and chicken broth.

New deli offerings include:

  • Whole rotisserie chicken, provided with a branded sleeve for use with deli-supplied dome packaging.

  • Eight-piece cut-up chicken, with branded cartons with appetizing photos of baked and grilled servings, brand attributes and the American Humane Certified logo.

Source: Just Bare Chicken