Or Derv Foods LLC, an Ohio-based custom food processor, is announcing a name chance, effective April 13, 2015. The company will be known as Ascot Valley Foods LLC.

In a letter to customers and suppliers, CEO Keith Kropp assured that the only thing changing is the name of the business, with no changes to ownership. He said that the company’s growth necessitated the name change.

“Over the last year we have grown greatly, and our name has become misleading and limiting to the marketplace,” he wrote. “We have expanded our capabilities, and we are no longer strictly an appetizer/hors d’oeuvres company.  In November of 2014 when we opened the doors to our new state of the art production facility we began to envision this name change. We feel we are well positioned for this growth and the tremendous amount of opportunities that have presented themselves. With that, we want to start this “new era” under the name as Ascot Valley Foods LLC.

For more information about the company, read Independent Processor's story about Or Derv Foods here: http://www.provisioneronline.com/articles/100986-as-you-like-it.

Source: Or Derv Foods/Ascot Valley Foods