PR-GEA-Bock-SHG44e-225.jpgIn 2014 GEA introduced the new and more efficient semi-hermetic compressor range GEA Bock HG44e to the market to replace the HG4 range and offers key advantages over the previous range: the 4-cylinder compressor combines the well-tried reliability and running smoothness of the preceding model HG4 with enhanced efficiency!

The advantages of the HG44e range have now been transferred to the air-cooled condensing units: the new range of the GEA Bock SHG44e/-L will be launched in April 2015. The SHG44e/-L range with four model sizes covers the range of maximum displacements from 41.3 to 67.0 m³/h.

Compared to its predecessor, the GEA Bock SHG44e series now has four instead of three model sizes. The customer benefits from a more compact and efficient compressor for its application and specific needs can be addressed more efficiently.

In addition, the largest version, the SHG44e/770-4 compressor, offers almost 20 % more displacement with its 67.0 m³/h than the largest SHG4 model and replaces the smallest model size of the former SHG5 range with 62.9 m³/h.

 The condensing units in our well-known quality are – as usual – also suitable for higher ambient temperatures. With the introduction of the new units, GEA sets new standards for efficiency and performance.

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