M&M Carnot has announced Aquilon DS, a new line of CO2 air-cooled Condensing Units (CDUs). The addition of the Aquilon DS product line extends its industrial refrigeration product portfolio of transcritical CO2 solutions that include industrial racks, chillers, heat pumps, and Aquilon DC (data centers) cooling systems.

The Aquilon DS product line confirms our commitment to products that use environmentally safe, natural refrigerants, including CO2 in this product, ammonia in our packaged products/systems, and both ammonia and CO2 in our Cascade systems.

The high-pressure designed Aquilon DS product line includes fully welded stainless-steel piping, high-pressure compressors, and system components as standard. All Aquilon DS CDUs have fully integrated air-cooled condenser/gas coolers with an option for adiabatic condensers.

The high standstill pressure design protects against refrigerant (and synthetic oil) releases during system off time or electrical outages. While the high-pressure design provides a higher level of safety and system availability it also helps you sustain your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for a back-up generator.

All Aquilon DS CDUs provide the following energy-efficiency features as standard: EC fans, VFD Compressor Drives, Liquid Sub-coolers, and Sensible Hot-gas Defrost. Optional energy efficiency features include Heat Recovery and Free Cooling.

The Aquilon DS CDUs range in capacity from 10 to 75 tons, with operating evaporator temperatures from -40F to +40F for industrial refrigeration and cooling applications that include cold storage/refrigerated warehouses, food processing, dairies, wineries, and data centers.

For more information visit www.carnotrefrigeration.com and www.mmrefrigeration.com.