M&M Carnot Refrigeration has announced a new line of PureChill Low Charge Packaged Ammonia Chillers for Industrial Refrigeration applications.

PureChill confirms the company’s commitment to products that use environmentally safe, natural-refrigerants, including ammonia (R-717) in this product and CO2 (R-744) in our cascade and transcritical CO2 systems. This natural refrigerant-based refrigeration system chills a food-grade secondary fluid such as water or propylene glycol solution. This method keeps the ammonia outside the refrigerated area and reduces the ammonia system charge to 1 to 2 lbs. per ton of refrigeration.

PureChill units feature an industrial-grade piston compressor with superior kW/ton performance at full and part load operating conditions. A unique feature of the PureChill system is a sophisticated PLC-based control system with a touch screen interface as standard. The controls provide a familiar user interface with extensive status, logging, and multiple levels of password protection. The packaged system is factory assembled to allow for rapid installation and has an outdoor enclosure option with full access doors to provide easy maintenance and service. The PureChill system is ideally matched with a cooling tower or fluid cooler with options for an evaporative condenser, air-cooled condenser, or adiabatic condenser to complete the system.

PureChill is a true industrial-grade refrigeration system offering a wide capacity range from 30 to 400 tons of refrigeration to meet the needs of a wide range of applications for food processing, food storage, and beverage production.

For more information visit www.mmrefrigeration.com.