While at the Annual Meat Conference, Tyson Foods introduced the new Crafted Creations beef and pork products.

Sam Gazdziak:We're here with Kent Harrison from Tyson Foods, I've got a brand new power lunch here. Harrison, could you tell me a little bit about the Crafted Creations?


Kent Harrison:You bet. We're excited to be launching the Crafted Creations from Tyson, and it's a product that includes both beef and pork items in the seasoned and marinated category. We've got what is a fantastic brand that is an umbrella for both those proteins so that our retail partners can take both beef and pork and put them in the meat case in one easy to access area for the consumers. The target for this product are consumers that are already in this category but are looking for something that is fast, easy, and convenient and something our product line offers is a number of different cuts with a number of different flavor profiles. Tyson Crafted Creations really does take, what are some great cuts of pork and beef, and for each one of those cuts match it up with a flavor profile that really works for that cut. In that we give the consumers a choice and some variety on both the cut of the meat side and the flavor profile side of the product. So it's a really interesting and exciting launch for us.


Gazdziak:What are some of the more popular ones that maybe you guys have had in house?


Harrison:Yeah, really they're all good but I tell you what, there's a couple that are my favorite. This Steak House half cut Sirloin Tri-Tip is a really good product. It's almost a Montreal steakhouse taste to it, but really delicious. This crushed Rosemary and Garlic beef petite shoulder filet, which is the same as a Teres major some might know it as and that's just a fantastic profile. And then this is an all-time favorite of everybody's, which is our boneless pork sirloin filet with a flavor profile called Green Chili Fusion. It really is just flavorful, rich, delicious way to enjoy a pork sirloin filet. All of them are fantastic-- I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Smokey Chili Sauce with beef skirt steak and it's really tasty. You put in a tortilla and you can feed a family of four with the product and it's just a delicious flavor profile too, something we've worked hard at with our R & D center in Springdale to come with a lot of different flavor profiles that consumers across the board will enjoy.