Motion Controls Robotics, Inc (MCRI) is a leading provider of automation solutions to manufacturing industries. MCRI has experienced huge growth over the past few years, and sees many benefits in implementing the 5S strategy.

5S is generally considered a good place to start as a pilot program for lean manufacturing due to its five basic principles: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. MCRI will work in teams to assess and implement the 5S strategy throughout the shop floor areas. Phase two will involve reviewing more challenging improvement efforts, operational procedures, and production processes.

“The move to 5S will empower employees to provide organizational feedback and improvement suggestions. Materials, tools, machines and equipment will be strategically organized and placed to facilitate operations with the smallest amount of wasted time and materials,” commented Josh Hydrew, Technical Services Manager at Motion Controls Robotics.

Motion Controls Robotics looks at 5S as a team effort and a way to continue to increase overall efficiency and operational improvement. 5S is a culture change that requires continuous effort to maintain the high standards established by Motion Controls Robotics. 

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