JBS Foods U.S.A., a food company, and Völur, a U.S.-based software company headquartered in Norway that develops AI technology to optimize the meat industry, is announcing a Proof of Value (POV) agreement to demonstrate improvements of carcass sorting and cutting plan to ensure optimal use of each animal at the operational level.

After successfully completing a proof-of-concept (POC) agreement with promising results, JBS U.S.A. has decided to implement Völur's solution to demonstrate value creation (POV). The objective is to showcase that Völur can provide a more profitable plan that optimizes the balance between supply and demand.

"We are excited to partner with Völur and take our carcass sorting and cutting plan to the next level with their cutting-edge technology," said Brienne Heinrichs, fead of finance of JBS U.S.A. "By leveraging Völur's AI technology, we believe we can increase the value of each carcass while satisfying our customers’ orders."

The POV phase will run for six months in one of North America’s most advanced JBS U.S.A. plants: Hyrum, Utah. This will be the first JBS U.S.A. plant to test the solution daily. Hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud, Völur's solution provides JBS U.S.A. with plans and insights on increasing the carcass value by leveraging complex decisions to the data. In the initial stage, Völur will provide JBS U.S.A. with feasible and optimal daily plans. In the future, Völur will also extend these plans to include long-term production planning. 

"We are very proud that JBS [U.S.A.] has chosen to partner with Völur to implement our solution to optimize their carcass sorting and cutting processes," said Robert Ekrem, CEO of Völur. "We look forward to a successful POV and further collaboration with JBS [U.S.A.] in the future."

At the end of the proof of value phase, JBS U.S.A. and Völur expect to scale the implementation of the Völur solution at other JBS U.S.A. plants and business units.

Sources: JBS U.S.A.; Völur