Johnsonville will unveil its new Sausage Station Kiosk at the IDDBA Show in Atlanta.  This turnkey hot to-go sausage program provides retailers with a premium solution to turn the deli into an exciting foodservice destination.

Sized to fit into a wide variety of deli department footprints, Johnsonville’s Sausage Station Kiosk enhances retail foodservice programs with products for all dayparts.  As one of the most recognizable brands in supermarkets for Brats and Italian Sausage, consumers nationwide know and trust Johnsonville to deliver a satisfying sausage experience.  Leveraging the Johnsonville brand will give delis a competitive edge.

“We have seen the growth of cold-sandwich programs in supermarkets, but we saw a need for a hot-sandwich program that didn’t take a lot of space or labor to maintain it throughout the day,” says Sarah Babb, of Johnsonville’s foodservice marketing team.

Paired with Johnsonville’s premium sausage line, including the Ultimate Sausages, the kiosk program offers a hot-sandwich solution on par with quick-service and fast-casual restaurants. Johnsonville’s branded kiosk features a convenient counter-sunk roller grill with a Flavor ID System to easily identify sausage varieties, hot pans for a toppings bar, and an adjacent sauces and condiment area.  Customers can easily access the kiosk from either side to customize their sandwiches with a variety of toppings and sauces.  Hot toppings are key to differentiating your foodservice offerings in the deli and provide the perfect sandwich experience.

A premium addition to the Sausage Station Kiosk and any retail menu, Johnsonville’s Ultimate Sausages are coarsely-ground pork sausage links with a flame-grilled appearance and flavor of the backyard grill cooked into each bite.  A wide variety of popular flavors are available, including Brats, Italian Sausage, Chorizo and Maple Chipotle.

The Ultimate line brings the look of traditionally grilled sausage to deli foodservice programs with its natural grill marks already in place.  To make their bold, juicy sausage, Johnsonville uses only the freshest pork and authentic herbs and spices.

Like all Johnsonville Sausage products, Ultimate Sausages are a heat-and-serve premium product packaged 4:1, 5:1 and 6:1, and frozen for storage convenience at 2/5-lb bags to a case.  

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Source: Johnsonville