Muscolo Meat Academy, the premier Certification and training program for butchers, today announces the launch of a strategic crowdfunding campaign in support of its inaugural class of September 2015.

The goal of the campaign is to raise critical funds to support the launch of this first-of-its-kind butchery school and Certification program while lessening the cost of tuition for aspiring and passionate students of butchery. Muscolo Meat Academy will offer aspiring butchers a world-class faculty, hands-on experience with modern cutting tools and equipment and a program that is unique and completely tailored to the current demands and opportunities within the meat industry.

The Muscolo Meat Academy Barnraiser crowdfunding campaign includes creative incentives for a variety of contribution levels, ranging from Muscolo Meat Academy founder Kari Underly’s book “The Art of Beef Cutting” to a custom package for restaurateurs that includes a staff training session with Dean Kari Underly. The Barnraiser campaign will run for 8 weeks, beginning June 11, 2015 and ending August 7, 2015 with a fundraising goal of $30,000. The funds raised will supplement donations by founding sponsors and leading brands: Bunzl®/Koch Supplies and Victorinox®.

“By launching our fundraising campaign, we are providing an opportunity for the butchery community to become involved in our movement to elevate the trade. The development of Muscolo Meat Academy will benefit all those related to the industry, from professionals to consumers,” said founder and Master Butcher Kari Underly. “Our fundraiser will specifically target those passionate about the meat industry, and we welcome their support.”

Students in the inaugural class will be the first to gain the Muscolo Meat Merchant Certification, one of three Muscolo Certifications being offered. The 12-week Certification welcomes all levels, focusing on butchery techniques, hands-on cutting and retailing and customer service skills. Each Certification provides industry recognition of craftsmanship and skill, and prepares students for successful careers in the meat industry.

Student Nicholas Beaulieu from Canada, one of the first students accepted into Muscolo Meat Academy’s inaugural class, has a desire to add quality and longevity to his career in the meat industry. “Muscolo Academy is the next step of my journey simply because if you want to be the best, then you need to be taught by the best,” said Beaulieu. “The Academy truly is the only place that I have seen where you can learn and be cultured by the very best in the meat industry”.

“So many butchers are doing great things that honor the animals we love to eat,” said architect turned Muscolo Meat Academy student, Karen Gresham. “It just makes my heart happy to see everyone winning in this game, from the animal and the farmer all the way down the line.”

“Our new, talented students are coming to Muscolo Meat Academy from across the country - even internationally, and we are excited to welcome them,” said co-founder Megan O’Connor. “As members of our inaugural class, each of our students is a part of the revitalization of the butchery trade with us.”

Muscolo Meat Academy encourages students, from aspiring butchers to those interested in elevating their careers, to apply at Those looking for additional ways to support Muscolo Meat Academy can provide donations to the Cylia Harriet Foundation. The organization is committed to providing opportunity in every community for students looking to learn, grow and achieve Muscolo Certification for a career in the meat industry. Interested donors can contact the Academy directly at: megan(at)muscolomeatacademy(dot)com. Brands interested in partnering with the school can visit to learn how to become a Muscolo Meat Academy sponsor.

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Source: Muscolo Meat Academy