An employee at a meat processing plant in San Luis Obispo, Cal. suffered a broken arm after falling head-first into a meat grinder. The accident happened late last week at Vitco Meat. According to KEYT News, a fire official believes the worker, a man in his 20's, may have been trying to get a piece of meat out of the machine when his long sleeve coat got caught in one of the metal arms. Police used hydraulic tools to pull the blades apart and free the man.

The machine's blades "came around and broke his arm and came around again and broke his arm a little further up the next turnaround," San Luis Obispo Fire Battalion Chief Neal Berryman told CNN affiliate KEYT. Berryman told the affiliate the man's head or neck would have been hit next. Berryman says he gave the man this advice - "buy a lottery ticket because he's the luckiest person around."

Sources: CNN, KEYT News