Oversea Casing Company announced this week that it has become the principle North American distribution partner for Viskase Companies Inc, a global manufacturer of cellulose, fibrous and plastic casings.

Oversea is an industry leader in the production of lamb, hog and beef natural casings.

“We find it will be a perfect fit with our core business,” said co-owner David Mayo. “Many of our customers are using both natural and artificial casings and we believe it will be a great partnership. Viskase and OCC, working together to provide a nationwide one stop shop for our customers.”

Viskase Sr. VP World Wide Sales & Marketing Maury Ryan said that the multi-year contract is the evolution of the business of taking care of the customer. “There are many factors to this decision. Talent and customer service plays a huge role in the leverage that these guys provide. It’s also about proximity to customers. Through Oversea Casing’s distribution model, we are now coast to coast. Viskase products can be delivered to Los Angeles or Miami in only a day instead of a week.”

Oversea Casing Company has been family owned and operated for nearly nine decades. Their extensive distribution network is the result of strategic partnerships with Superior Farms, the nation’s largest lamb processor. Viskase has two manufacturing plants in the US and seven plants located strategically around the world. Their cellulose, fibrous and plastic businesses have shown steady growth year over year.

“It’s a natural fit from our standpoint,” said Michael Mayo. Oversea Casing is already a leader in the natural casing industry, so our resources blend seamlessly into this complimentary business unit.

More information is available at www.overseacasing.com or www.superiorfarms.com.