Cantrell has received a U.S. patent for the wing segmenting blade and method of use on its CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter.
It is the fourth patent Cantrell has received on the CWCS-8400. The company has US patents for the wing segmenting system and method of use, the machine itself and the wing segmenting shackle and method of use.

Cantrell’s U.S. Patent No. 9,078,452 covers the bifurcated blade itself and the way the blade makes the cut on the wing.

“We’ve worked hard to research and develop our wing segmenting system,” Cantrell General Manager Finance/Operations Tony Rice said. “We are pleased to receive the patent on the blade to correspond with our other patents on the wing segmenting system.”

The CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter makes accurate cuts while running at high capacity. It properly orients the wing for accuracy on each individual cut. The shackle transfer eliminates misfeeds.

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