NaturalShrimp Inc. has announced that NaturalShrimp and F&T Water Solutions LLC have received U.S. Patent No. 10,163,199 B2 for the Recirculating Aquaculture System and Treatment Method for Aquatic Species developed for the first commercially viable system for growing aquatic species indoors. NaturalShrimp maintains the exclusive worldwide rights for any and all shrimp species utilizing this patent dated December 25, 2018. 

“It is a wonderful Christmas present for the Company and its investors,” said Bill G. Williams, Chairman and CEO. 

NaturalShrimp and F&T co-developed the Vibrio Suppression Technology system, which eliminates water-borne bacteria and other harmful organisms and allows the shrimp to grow and thrive in an indoor all-natural environment that can be replicated anywhere in the world.

The Abstract on the first page of the new patent states NaturalShrimp has developed “a recirculating aquaculture system (that) automatically controls ammonia, bacteria, solids, and feed quantity available to a captive species in a closed, water-based habitat.”

Shrimp is the single most consumed seafood in the world. Current methods to grow and harvest shrimp are considered ecologically harmful, unsafe and unsustainable. “We have accomplished a revolution in growing the world’s most popular seafood,” Mr. Williams said. 

"The capability to sustainably harvest indoor farm raised shrimp and other aquatic species for consumption to any city regardless of location to water will increase fresh food supplies with locally grown products,” added Peter Letizia, CEO, of F&T Water Solutions.

Source: NaturalShrimp LLC