Jack Link’s has a new, bold flavor — and a new technology — to help “feed your wild side.” Korean BBQ Pork Flame-Grilled Jerky is now available, providing a sweet and spicy way to enjoy this popular Eastern Asian style of cooking … in a much more portable fashion.

Applying a cooking technique new to the jerky category, Jack Link’s adds a “kiss of fire” to its Korean BBQ Pork Jerky by finishing the product over an open flame, providing an authentic flame edge on each piece of jerky. Direct access to the flame provides an authentic aroma to the product, highlighting the flavors prior to tasting them. The sweet pork flavor contrasts perfectly with double toasted sesame seeds and caramelized brown sugar notes, followed by hints of earthy white onion and garlic. Jack Link’s Korean BBQ Pork Jerky will be sold at retailers nationwide in 2.85-ounce packages.