AHPharma, Inc., a leading manufacturer and designer of services and products for the food animal industry, has streamlined the design of its existing series of high-intensity AviLighting LED Water and Feeder Line Lights to significantly increase energy savings while reducing operational costs and installation times. Introduced to enhance the consumption of water and feed by modern-day poultry, especially during the first week of life, these products are now available with a streamlined strip lighting system that uses 45 percent less energy and ensures simple, easy connections with its new plug-and-play, watertight locking system that protects circuits against moisture, dust and dirt.

“Research throughout the industry has repeatedly shown that strategically-placed LED lights greatly improve both feed and water consumption. This is essential for helping each bird reach its genetic potential,” says Dr. James L. McNaughton, president & CEO of AHPharma. “We are dedicated to working with our customers to develop the finest and highest-quality LED lighting available in the industry today.”

Custom-manufactured to meet individual requirements, the company’s new strip lighting system now enables growers to simply install and space AviLighting LED Water and Feeder Line Lights according to exacting poultry house specifications. A new, enhanced control panel box will offer built-in dimming controls, color toggling and the ability to interface with virtually any house controller featuring a 0-10V variable output or relay-output.

Another benefit is the significant energy cost savings easily achieved with the new system. Since each AviLighting Feed Line Light draws only 1.3W and each AviLighting Water Line Light draws only 0.57W, growers can determine savings in relation to house dimensions and the total number of feed/water lines and fixtures installed per their preferred spacing. For example, a 500’ house with 3 feed lines would have 1500’ of lines to cover, divided by 4’ spacing = 375 fixtures @ 1.3W a piece = 487.5W. In comparison, the total wattage for AHPharma Feed Line Lights is equal to just over 8, 60W incandescent bulbs.

Other advantages include the use of less expensive, more workable 16 AWG wiring, the choice of LED lighting colors, and dramatically reduced shipping costs due to the streamlined housing surrounding each AviLighting Feeder Line Light.

The AviLighting line currently includes drinker, control pan, feeder, layer/cage and backyard flock water feeding systems operating at 24 volts to increase the system’s light intensity, and the ability to consistently deliver biologically-humane LED lighting to poultry according to animal welfare humane requirements. Each system is also available with all the components needed to easily install the system in poultry facilities of all sizes & configurations.

For more information on the complete line of AviLighting products, please visit www.avilighting.com or call (443) 260-2499.