Liberty Cold announced the opening of its new 173,000-square-foot cold storage complex located in Bolingbrook, Ill. The state-of-the-art facility was designed with food safety and security as a top priority, and will also bring a focus on logistic services to the area for food manufacturers and distributors.

Exclusive video Q&As

Andy Hanacek visited Liberty Cold's recently opened new cold storage complex and spoke with reps about the opening and new facility in these exclusive video interviews.
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“We are excited about the opportunity we have to set the bar in quality product storage by utilizing advanced technology and overseeing every step of the storage process,” said Tim Cox, vice president of Liberty Cold. “We understand today’s drivers and suppliers are under pressure to meet customer demand, while maintaining food quality and safety. It is our job to provide product security and ensure product flow is not interrupted.”

The fully-fenced complex with more than 90-security cameras will be operated by up to 75-employees. The facility has the capacity to handle more than 20,000 pallets of cold storage product, along with 108 positions of blast freezing utilizing quick freeze technology.

The facility also offers High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) tolling. High Pressure Pasteurization is a process that introduces up to 87,000 psi of pressure with no heat load to finished product. It is effective at deactivating bacteria in the product to allow for enhanced food safety and increased shelf life.

The building is also equipped with vertical dock levelers that allows the facility to control seals inside the building for enhanced load security. The facility houses a USDA compliant packing room and will have 47-trailer parking stalls.

Liberty Cold adds yet another level of service through their customer portal.

“We take a pro-active approach to give our customers the ability to track their product and transportation metrics through a business intelligence portal,” said Cox. “The portal has been developed to give clients quick access to their shipments to help identify opportunities in the supply chain.”

The new complex is located at 1310 Remington Blvd in Bolingbrook.

Source: Liberty Cold