Edmundo Romo has joined Avure Technologies as the Business Development Manager for Mexico. Romo will represent Avure throughout Mexico, assisting companies in developing their high pressure processing (HPP) capabilities with Avure’s line of HPP machines, including the expandable AV-X.

“Mexico is where the whole HPP food journey started, as a way to get fresh avocado and guacamole to wider markets, so I’m excited to share Avure’s technology,” Romo said. “No matter the size or capacity needed, Avure has the right equipment to ensure a producer is getting the best system to allow them to optimize throughput and maximize profits.”

Romo has many years of previous experience working in Latin America with companies like R.A. Jones, Multi-Color and Coesia.

“Edmundo’s experience and expertise will ensure companies in Mexico seeking to add HPP to their product lines have everything they need to make the best decision about implementing HPP,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of Avure. “When a customer purchases one of our machines, they get a relationship that will ensure they get the most out of their HPP equipment and Edmundo is the epitome of that customer service.”

“We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg on what HPP can do, as people seek out cleaner food labels with fewer additives,” said Romo. “And Avure machines are the most technologically advanced, have the longest history in the marketplace and the largest installed base in the world. I’m proud to represent such a pioneering company in Mexico.”

For more information about high pressure processing systems and services, visit Avure’s website at http://www.avure-hpp-foods.com.